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  • Narda Skov

L.A. School District Bans Cell Phones

*Reprinted from today's news!

Yay Los Angeles School District. The Los Angeles Unified School District voted Tuesday, June 18, to ban cell phones during the entire school day. The nation's second largest school district will now have to figure out how to actually enforce this new policy, considering solutions like phone lockers or maybe pouches, per The Wall Street Journal. This is part of a nationwide movement to free children from their phones, a movement majorly inspired by the author of The Anxious Generation, Jonathan Haidt. One boarding school in New England even replaced smartphones with Light Phones that have only calling and texting and look like the photo here.

While this phone might be unattractive (even terrifying) to a 12-year-old, it is able to function for calling and texting. There is no TikTok access, no selfie camera, no apps, no nothing - which is perfect! To be clear, the phone situation is also the responsibility of parents who need to understand that their kids won't be accessible for a few hours.

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