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Narda Skov is a refreshing voice in the field of sex ed.  She is honest, forthright and is not shy about answering kids' questions!  There is much laughter and giggles as they discuss puberty, but also much education is done in the process of all the laughter.  This is a great way to teach puberty and sex ed!

Parent, Oakland, CA

Narda Skov is a skilled facilitator and educator. She is dynamic and flexible and is able to lead workshops with students of all ages with a professionalism and dynamism that students will find very engaging.  If you need an educator for middle school education, either online or in-person, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Dr. Cydelle Berlin

STAR Theater Director, 

New York City

CEO Ageless Sexuality

Thank you for having 'the talk' and starting a healthy and normalizing conversation for us at home.  Your advice and education has allowed us to move forward without the awkwardness and worry we thought was inevitable.

Parent, Piedmont, CA

My 8th grade daughter and a group of her classmates have been attending a small health education class with Narda since 6th grade.  Narda is wonderful at being open, straightforward and clear even while our young pre-adolescent girls are giggling and squirming and trying to change the topic.  Narda’s success and effectiveness is best measured by the girls’ enthusiasm about attending their monthly “PG-13” meetings and their comfort in talking about difficult topics after the class with their parents and friends.  I strongly recommend Narda both for kids and parents in helping to address and discuss the complicated topics around teen health that arise for our kids today.

Parent, Lafayette, CA

Narda Skov, MPH is a sexuality health educator who has taught adolescent sexuality for over twenty five years. She teaches small groups both in and out of school(s), as well as parent groups and lead camp sessions.

Founder: Teen Health Educator Primary Topics Covered: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Categories: youth-centered, parent only.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Sex Education Alliance 

Members Making Waves

Narda is amazing!!! My son is in a small group with a few of his buddies with her right now. They started in 5th grade and continued with her again in 6th and 7th grades. She covers important topics that the boys need to talk about and feel comfortable talking about.  I highly recommend all of her lessons!

Parent, Alamo, CA

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