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Narda Skov, MPH

I am a health educator who has taught adolescent sexuality for thirty years both in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a parent of three young adults and aunt of seven more young adults!  I have a Masters Degree in Public Health from Columbia University and a BA in Women's Health from UCLA. 

I teach middle and high school students at both private and public schools as well as parent groups, community based organizations and recreation departments.  I cover a range of topics that include puberty, birth control, healthy relationships, body image, media influence, pornography, peer pressure and bullying, media influence, sexual decision making, HIV & AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.  

Workshops can be tailored to a specific age group, and can be modified as needed.  All lessons and materials are medically accurate and age-appropriate. Workshops are CHYA (California Healthy Youth Act, 2016) compliant. 

My philosophy is simple-

I believe that teaching sexuality is often a difficult subject, but my goals are simple, 

we want our children to:

To understand that sexuality is an integral and positive part of our lives and to develop healthy and positive feelings about their bodies.  My main goal is that they feel good about any of the decisions they make regarding their health.

My lessons and workshops are rooted in the belief that sexuality education is as basic and important as science, math and reading.  Now, with access to information at their fingertips via the internet, it is essential that young people be provided education and opportunities that will help them understand and make healthy decisions in their lives.  

Parent workshops and talks can also be tailored to topics of concern.  As a parent I understand how difficult these talks can be and I am here to share what I know!  Contact me to schedule a workshop or lesson.  

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