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  • Narda Skov

Finding Resources & Support for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

February is Domestic Violence Awareness month and talking about healthy relationships is important, especially teaching them how to set healthy boundaries. Intimate partner violence (IPV), sometimes called teen dating violence or domestic violence, is when a person behaves in a way to control another person in an intimate relationship.

Many of you know I work with and use videos that are age and developmentally appropriate from AMAZE. They are a phenomenal organization that produces videos about growing up, sexual and reproductive health and other important issues about growing up. The videos are animated, evidence based, inclusive and very informative. The video shared in this blog, defines intimate partner violence, discusses ways to get help from people at school, family members, or even the community, and shares the importance of trying to help someone you know by accessing resources and help to get out of an unsafe situation.

Resources and Who to Call:

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