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  • Narda Skov

What in the world is Zyn?

What is Zyn you ask? Zyn is a new nicotine pouch product that was developed as a 'healthier alternative' to "Snus" - which are moist tobacco pouches that get inserted or tucked inside the gums and deliver nicotine into the bloodstream. Zyn pouches, which come in colorful round tins, offer the same nicotine hit as do other nicotine products, without the sticky mess of open tobacco products. Zyn is to Snus what Juuls are to cigarettes - a new more refined, automatic, and hassle-free nicotine delivery system that is being directly marketed to young people.

Zyn is touted as a positive alternative to vaping which is increasingly considered 'unprofessional' or 'unattractive', it is more discreet and can be used in class and the workplace. Zyn says that it is focused on preventing underage access, but their colorful packages and easy access makes it an easy introduction for youth that may not have used nicotine previously and therefore another headache for parents!

Nicotine pouches first debuted in the U.S. in 2016 and sales have grown by almost 600 percent since. Zyn was developed in Sweden in 2014 and purchased by the tobacco giant Philip Morris in 2022. Zyn sales account for 75% of the market share of nicotine pouch sales in 2023. According to Chuck Schumer, the current Senate Majority Leader, they are a "sinister new threat to the health of young Americans." Business Insider magazine recently wrote an article stating that Zyn users belong to "a subculture that doesn't just tolerate nicotine use but venerates it." Federal action on e-cigarettes (Juul fined $462 in lawsuits) attempting to loosen tobacco's grip on young people have been actively pursued in the last few years, but as big tobacco continually sets its sites on new products and new approaches to find new customers in our young people using social media to hook teens and young adults.

As with all nicotine products the best advice is to continue to educate our young people about its addiction, dangers and health impacts - the earlier someone begins to use nicotine products, the more likely they are to become addicted. One of the most effective messages for young people is also highlighting how much youth are being manipulated and all big tobacco wants to do is hook them early and often. No matter how many products parents have to navigate - those messages always stay the same.

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